Embassy - Niche Perfumery (Lisbon) - Started its activity in 2016, located at Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 89. It is a project idealized by Ricardo Claudino, international mannequin passionate about the universe of perfumes and the incredible sensory power of smell. With his vast knowledge, and allied to his travels around the world, it allowed him to broaden his knowledge about perfumery and its secrets.

With the constant objective of sharing knowledge with its clients, aiming to democratise niche perfumery and make the perfumery market more open and known to the general public. Based on exclusivity and sophistication with its own identity, excelling in personalised service and carefully selected brands.

In a welcoming environment, through a heterogeneous selection of perfumes the aim is that each customer finds his ideal fragrance, which makes him feel different.

Message from the CEO


"Perfume, is possibly the most sought after and tangible luxury good!"


Ricardo Claudino 
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